USSDCO engineers cupboards for various specialized functions. Our stainless steel cabinetry includes a wide array of free standing cabinets, casework and built-in consoles. Whether it is a renovation or new construction, we will diligently work with your facility’s personnel or architects, contractors and equipment planners to meet your custom requirements. We manufacture the base as well as wall cupboard, per request to suit space size. The material used is stainless steel, AISI 304 Cr. Ni. 18/10. Stainless-steel cabinets allow for the flexibility required in today’s environment, while retaining the significant properties such as corrosion-resistance and easy cleaning with low maintenance. The finishing we provide is accurate and meticulously worked on. Rear as well as lateral border is maintained as a continuous surface and embossed finishing is incorporated in the design.The design of choice depends upon our customers, whether the cabinets should be released from one or from two sides, with swinging or sliding doors. Embedded handles, flush with rounded profile that can be opened on twisting to either the right or left direction. The inner components are easy to dismantle and remove thus allowing a perfect cleaning in the interior cavity. Sharp edges are smoothened for total safety. A closed bottom panel is designed with perfect insulation from the floor. Adjustable stainless steel feet, models on castors with and without brakes are also available.