Improve the safety of your kitchen with an elegant range hood. Mounting a good range hood above your stove is the best way to prevent exhaust fumes, smoke, grease, moisture and even heat from escaping the kitchen into other areas of your restaurant. We, at USSDCO offer an unrivaled selection of range hoods, including under cabinet range hoods, island range hoods, and wall mounted range hoods. Our clients can sort through an entire assortment of range and vent hoods made from quality stainless steel, to find the right size hood to match their kitchen appliance. Our hoods are made of stainless steel AISI 304 Cr. Ni. 18/10 with convenient features such as cooks top lighting to illuminate the cooking surface below. We also offer a vast array of range hood parts and accessories. We’ll help you find the perfect vent hoods to go over your kitchen range; choose between exhaust hoods or a ductless range hoods. The hoods are easy to clean and constructed to prevent smoke from the kitchen to travel to other areas outside the cooking area. The hoods are designed with an inbuilt drainage channel for the condensed grease and fat.