When it comes to choosing tables for commercial and industrial purpose, there is no replacement for the quality, strength, resourcefulness, and economic value established in stainless steel tables. Stainless steel work tables can withstand the heavy use of any commercial setting and they are easier to clean than tables made of other materials. They are highly resistant to deterioration, staining, stench, and corrosion. All stainless steel tables provided by us are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel. Along with all the advantages stainless steel work tables offer, they also provide a clean, professional appearance to any environment. It’s the chromium composition in the stainless steel that gives stainless steel work tables their aesthetically pleasing shine. All our tables are fabricated using stainless steel AISI 304 Cr.Ni. 18/10. Sharp edges are avoided for total safety. Utmost hygiene is ensured thanks to the waterproof tops and the smooth surfaces. The tables are large consisting of square stainless steel section 40X40 mm and are equipped with adjustable leveling feet. Modular manufacturing is also available if desired by the customer. Whether you are looking for open kitchen worktables, or enclosed units, we have you covered in a variety of sizes. The sliding doors keep your everyday essentials out of sight but easy to access. No matter the specific dimensions of your area, we have the exact unit to fit your work space. There are many models and varieties to consider. Regardless of the particular profession or industry you and your organization are in, we carry a comprehensive product line of work tables to fit your specifications.